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How will we remember this class a decade

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How will we remember this class a decade

Message par chenyan94 le 07/10/19, 4:53

from now?" Denver Broncos NewsDenver Broncos 2019 DraftBest and worst case scenarios for the 2019 Broncos draft classNew Ja’Wuan James Jersey ,22commentsHow will we remember this class a decade from now?MDTThis is my best attempt at relaying both realistic expectations as well as tempering some of the runaway hype that has already started to creep in for some of the 2019 class. One of the things that’s really easy to do this time of year is to drink the Kool-Aid on every one of the additions your favorite team has made. It’s fun and harmless, but can lead to a lot of disappointment without proper perspective. For the most part, I did not include injuries in these scenarios. One last thing: I found inspiration for this while digging into Alex Kozora’s version over at Steelers Depot, so if you’re interested in the Draft in general, I highly advise checking it out.Let’s get started.Round 1 - Noah Fant - TIGHT ENDBest case scenario: The “other” tight end at Iowa last year proves he’s every bit the athletic mismatch players like Eric Ebron and Evan Ingram have been at the NFL level. Early in training camp, it becomes clear that he has a preternatural chemistry with Joe Flacco that helps ease his adjustment to the more advanced route tree he’ll encounter in the pros and concerns over his ability to catch in traffic prove overblown. All the knocks on his blocking by the national media show how out of touch they are by following group think.Evaluations: NFL Draft TE Rankings - Fantasy ColumnsEven before the first preseason game, Fant emerges as TE1 on the depth chart and he sits when the rest of the first team does. Fans in Broncos Country are upset because they want to see what all the hype is about, but have to wait until week 1 when 87 punks the Raiders Johnathan Abram on Monday Night Football. It’s only the beginning of a monster season as he settles in as Flacco’s favorite target and red zone threat, demanding enough attention in the middle of the field that Courtland Sutton, DaeSean Hamilton, and Emmanuel Sanders get more favorite looks on the perimeter than they dared dream for in 2018.As the years go by, Fant becomes a huge fan favorite as one of the most versatile tight ends in the league. He can move into the slot, backfield, or play from the line, and he proves impossible to cover for safeties and linebackers alike. Worst case scenario: Fant’s lack of play strength is apparent in training camp as he struggles to separate against more physical coverage. He winds up playing behind Jeff Heuerman and is listed as TE2. The most optimistic in Broncos Country warn that it isn’t the end of the world, but the troubling signs continue into the preseason where Fant has a penchant for drops with bodies around him. Jeff Essary and I both do film dives to look into his issues and find his9.3% drop rate staring back at us. We conclude that Fant had many of the same issues at Iowa last year, which is a big reason why Hawkeye QB Nate Stanley didn’t target him in the middle of the field.The rookie tight end finishes his first season in the Broncos with less than 500 receiving yards and never really establishes himself as the kind of go-to red zone threat John Elway had envisioned when he passed up the chance on Devin Bush for him. Meanwhile, the Steelers linebacker looks like a superstar in replacing Ryan Shazier. 2019 concludes with Fant still clearly behind Jeff Heuerman on the depth chart. In a move to save money, Elway cuts ties with the veteran tight end in the off-season with the belief that it will only take one off-season of work for Fant to emerge. Instead, he finds himself in a tight competition with Jake Butt, who’s fully recovered from yet another injury. The two split duties in camp and neither really emerges as more than a tertiary target. Once his rookie contract expires, Fant is allowed to leave Denver. He signs on with the Oakland Raiders and turns into a superstar for Trevor Lawrence. Meanwhile, Devin Bush goes on to a Hall of Fame career.Round 2A - Dalton Risner - GUARDBest case scenario:Risner proves worth the immediate starting job he’s stepped into in OTAs and adjusts to more advanced assignments like the seasoned blocker he is. He’s a fish to water in Rich Scangarello’s zone blocking scheme, and while he isn’t the quickest player, he’s mobile enough to pull when called upon and strikes fear into second level defenders with his tenacity. In addition to his work with the 1s, Risner also looks like a capable depth player at tackle and center, which helps to solidify the depth at both. Mike Munchak molds Bolles and Risner into the most formidable left side of a line in football. Risner brings the kind of immediate pass protection prowess that places like PFF have been touting for months. With it, Bolles comes to trust his inside help more and looks like a worthwhile first round pick. The protection off the blind side is good enough that Flacco stays upright for an entire 16 game season and Royce Freeman, Phillip Lindsay and the Broncos’ running game is devastating. Worst case scenario: Turns out blocking Maurice Hurst, Jerry Tillery, Kenny Clark, and Akiem Hicks is a lot harder than Big 12 defensive linemen. While Risner’s positional flexibility is touted as a valuable asset, his stiffness makes him a weak fit in the Broncos scheme. He starts as a rookie because of the lack of competition on the 2019 Broncos, but is a weak link all season long.Going into his second season, he shows a great deal of growth but can’t overcome his physical limitations to turn into an even average starter. Because of this, Bolles (on his fifth year option) has to cover for him and both players look weak for it. Drew Lock spends his first full season as a starter running for his life. Newton, Bears among those in need of good luck in 2019 - NFL.comNFL LinksNFL Roundtable: What makes a quarterback a “franchise guy?” - Mile High ReportStuds & Duds - The 2019 NFL Offseason Edition | The Draft NetworkFMIA: Smart NFL People Share 25 Ways To Make Pro Football Better – ProFootballTalkProposed “tweak” of replay review for pass interference is more like an amputation – ProFootballTalkLos Angeles Chargers, Rams head NFL’s most complete teams - NFL.comNFL rumors: Adam Gase to pick Jets GM after Mike Maccagnan firing | SI.comJets GM job: Why minority candidates should say no to an interview | SI.comChris Ballard shrinking size of Colts draft board each year – ProFootballTalkPFF’s top 25 NFL players under 25 for 2019 | NFL Analysis | Pro Football FocusHigh-school sprinter accepts Ted Ginn’s offer – ProFootballTalkEagles: We were fortunate to have Chris Long – ProFootballTalkChris Long’s decision to retire was “complicated” – ProFootballTalkOakland Raiders 2019 Draft Mulligan | The Draft NetworkLos Angeles Chargers 2019 Draft Mulligan | The Draft NetworkSurprise playoff contenders for the 2019 NFL season | NFL Analysis | Pro Football FocusPFF is high on the Jets, Bengals and 49ers.NFL offseason agendas - Barnwell’s to-do lists for all 16 NFC teamsRavens TE Hayden Hurst drops the ball, asks Twitter for help finding the one who got away - Baltimore SunBig Ben ‘sorry’ for critical comments on Antonio Brown - NFL.comSo sorry he went to the media to make the statement.NFL Power Rankings: The Denver Broncos are still better than people think Are the Denver Broncos the best team in the NFL? To put it bluntly, no, not really. The Broncos however do seem to be a completely different team from last year, and you’ll see it reflected in this week’s rankings.Here’s my consternation with this team: Are the 2018 Broncos really all that much better than the 2017 Broncos? After 1 week, it’s a big “probably”. We saw the potential for this team that simply didn’t exist last year, but I saw way too many of the same mistakes from the last few years that I touch on below. But even with that being said, the single biggest glaring “we are for real” stat is this: The Denver Broncos are THE ONLY TEAM in the entire NFL without a single 3 & Out. If that isn’t polar opposite from last year where we led the NFL in 3 & Outs, I just don’t know what is. That shows that we are likely for real, and that’s a really great indicator that we are a juggernaut waiting to explode onto the scene.As a whole, our offense looks much improved, and finally has the ability to come back from a deficit. But we also saw the last two years rear it’s ugly head in an early and crappy turnover which put the opponent in 1st & Goal. Then we ask the impossible from our defense early on to stop them. It’s like Groundhog Day all over again in some regards. But again, our offense seems to be able to come from behind, which means that we will be in every game this year, plus Von Miller can finally enjoy some one-on-one match-ups to exploit as we finally have weapons opposite of him to make them pay if they double or triple team him.Onto the rankings which after one week mean a whole lot of nothing. I mean Kareem Jackson Jersey , Are the Steelers REALLY on the same level as the Browns? Really? Get my drift? I’m ranking teams as they stand TODAY. Not a cumulation of last year or the last decade. If they look like they are world beaters today, they’ll be ranked high regardless of what their record is. Afterall, if we went by record alone, then Power Rankings wouldn’t exist, you could just look in your local newspaper (do they even exist anymore?) to see the standings. Week 1 NFL Power Rankings1.Los Angeles RamsIt took them a quarter to really settle down, but once they did, they outscored Oakland 33-6. To me, the Rams are the team to beat. They just needed a little time to dust the cobwebs off and remember who they are.2. New England PatriotsI hate them so much, but as long as they have Brady and Bilicheat, they are seemingly teflon.3. Minnesota VikingsI hate to admit it, but the Vikings picked up where they left off last year. But this does prove me kinda right: Cousins isn’t worth a dime more than Keenum.4. Baltimore RavensSure, they beat up on the Bills, but you’re suppose to beat up on the Bills. It’s that they did it so dominantly that they get this lofty spot this week.5. Denver BroncosAs I touched on in the preview, this team can be great if we limit our mistakes on offense. We are built to have a lead and play from behind. That’s a lethal combo when you have a defense that can straight get after the QB. Von Miller is staking his claim to be defensive player of the year, and he’s doing it in crunch time too. 19-0 till we aint!!!6. Philadelphia EaglesI have them here simply because they beat a worthy (although allergic to Julio in the redzone) opponent. But boy do they look anything but a contender. They needWentz back in a bad way, either that or Foles needs more of last year’s magic ASAP.7. Kansas City ChiefsI’ll give the chiefs credit here: They beat up on an injury plagued team on the road. Credit where credit is due. But don’t get use to it. You will have to play real teamseventually. You can’t have all 16 against the Chargers and Raiders.8. Carolina PanthersThis wasn’t a particularly high scoring game, but it looks like they’re letting Cam do his thing again. Once they start jelling, I expect them to be a contender.9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers48 points is 48 points. Especially on the road. I expect this to be the 1 and only game this season that Fitzy does this, as he’s only good for one of these per year, but as of today, they did it. The future is TBD.10. Green Bay PackersYou don’t get very much love for getting your asses handed to you by the Bears at home before you come back and win. Billion dollar QB or not, this team doesn’t look very good right now. They are here simply because of Rodgers.11. Jacksonville JaguarsDid they look good? Eh, that’s subjective considering their opponent. Like the Packers, you don’t get many brownie points for beating the Giants.12. New York JetsSam Darnold was the only QB that Elway was willing to take in this draft. Last night we saw why! Holy cow, are the Jets for real? Or is this all a mirage? Why are they not higher? Cause they have a rookie QB and I want to make sure this isn’t beginners luck.13. New Orleans SaintsCan a brother get a defense? Its as if they took all the progress from 2017 and flushed it down the toilet. Fix this or else this might be as high as you get ranked all year.14. Washington RedskinsAlex Smith was Alex Smith. And much like he was in KC, he was just good enough. At lease in the month of September.15. Atlanta FalconsSeriously guys, that game was yours to have. Here’s a tip: When you’re in the red-zone, THROW IT TO YOUR BEST PLAYER! 16. Pittsburgh SteelersThis team is in disarray! There’s so much drama within their own walls, and it’s apparently spilling out onto the field. Tomlin needs to fix this ASAP before this season starts to seriously slip away. You tied the Browns! Let that sink in real deep!17. Cincinnati BengalsI’m not sure what to do with the Bengals, but they did beat a motivated team with their Captain back, so that is worth something. At least until the real meat of the schedule happens.18. San Francisco 49ersMuch like the Falcons, this game was yours for the taking and you blew it. 19. Seattle SeahawksI’m struggling to find something good to say about them. The score was SOOOO much closer than the actual game. I suppose a positive is that they saved money by having their punter shop at baby gap for his uniform.20. Houston TexansDeshaun Watson needs to find his game again. They almost mounted a comeback, and I know if he wasn’t a bit timid because of his knee, he’d have pulled out the victory. Here’s to greener pastures in the coming weeks as he settles down.21. Cleveland BrownsThe Browns are already better than last year even though they could still technically go “win-less.”22. Miami DolphinsI commend them for winning, but I’m just not convinced they are any good. For a minute there, I thought their game was going to be the first of Monday.23. Chicago BearsCongrats Bears, you beat up on Kizer and then lost to Rodgers. At least you showed life. The Mack signing looks good from here, even though he was kinda invisible when you needed him the most. Unlike Von freaking Miller!!!24. Indianapolis ColtsYou had this game until you didn’t. Luck was solid in his return, which should give everyone in Indy hope.25. Los Angeles ChargersYou guys had one job to do! ONE!!! And you dorked that up! How’s your 2018 AFCW Champs looking now 4 letter network hacks? 26. Oakland RaidersDon’t let the first Quarter of football fool you, the Raiders aren’t any good. They took advantage of the “unknown” before they showed the world exactly who they were.27. Dallas CowboysHahahahaha sorry sorry sorry. I gotta be serious don’t I? Wait, no I don’t, these are my rankings. HAHAHAHAHA You guys are SOOOOOO BAD!!!! 28. Detroit LionsI’m not a believer in this team. Straight up! I’m not sure what else to really say except that this could very well be as high as they are for the rest of the season. Wait, that’s a lie, I fully expect the Raiders to sink down which will thus bump the Lions up by one spot.29. Arizona CardinalsThe temptation to have them in the bottom three was immense, and the season is still young so it will inevitably happen. But the bottom three are just a tad bit more pathetic. 30. Tennessee TitansLike the Dolphins, I really don’t know what to make of them. Their game was anything but “normal” to put it lightly. I joked that this was gonna be the real Monday Night Football Game 1 because it wouldn’t finish until after midnight. Good news is that you seem to have your QB still. But is that good news? Is it?31. New York GiantsI’d say if they could get out of their own way, they might not get the #2 overall pick next year, but I’m not even sure that’s their recipe for limited success. They looked about how I expected them to look. Keep spending that money poorly guys, who needs to get to the playoffs anyways?32. Buffalo BillsWell, at least Peterman didn’t throw 5 interceptions this time. But 24 yards at halftime is still pretty bad. Now the Josh Allen era has begun (maybe). I’m not sure it will bring less pain or not, but we now get to see why John Elway passed on him.
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